Order in the chaos

 How was this idea born? 

This might sounds odd, but it all grew from the question of a family member to play a certain game. 

Although this technology existed before, it has made such leaps that we are now capable of doing exactly that in a way everyone can use it and be creative with.

We stumbled on a way to combine computing power, direct gpu support to a webbased infastructure. Something that existed but we are able to offer with less resources, data usage and cost. This is also the reason we are able to offer companies that deal with a lot of of 3d rendering and by example animation the computing power they need without the exceedingly high prices the market offers right now. 

If there is anything to thank for this way of deployment, thank the Sims 1. which sent us down a rabbit hole of possibilities we would love to share.

 The logo is not just a picture to us, it stands for deep roots, growth and the ability the weather any storm. 

Flourish and let your creativity loose, share it with the world. Plant the seeds, water the soil and grow together. Share for the benefit of all and save money doing it. It may even be good for the environment.

We are deeply curious what you may come up with. It might change the world. 

Let us find out together.

We will build the base, teach you about the underlying technology and hope you do just that.     


 A love of technolog, education and creativity.

even though we offer a chance to work remotely, we are fond of the idea of building together. We found a way to offer both the social interaction and cohesion we want to see in society as a whole.

A chance to be to be creative together and still a way to work indepentently. 

And if you just want to play mario kart together, we won't judge. nothing builds a team like rainbow road. 

Our direct gpu passthrough possibilities can be used for anything you can think of. If that turns out to be building team cohesion getting beaten at Super Smash Bros, we won't stop you.

Since the project started around gaming, amd watching movies together remotely, we can offer any console game from the Nintendo Entertainment System up until the Sony Playstation 2. And  via our version of SteamOS nearly every modern title you can think of.    . 

We are not here to have an opinion on how the tech is used, as long as you find the inspiration to build. All we have is endless curiousity of  what may be possible. 

Entropic Builds, deep roots and strong bonds.